I got engaged last year.

It was last year during the falling autumn leaves of 5th November 2016. That’s right, my boyfriend and now finance proposed to me on bonfire night. It was also the day before his birthday and I decided to take him back to Nottingham were we first met to celebrate his birthday. I booked a restaurant to surprise him as we both wanted to go there when we were students but didn’t have that luxury at that time. Little did I know, he had a bigger surprise for me.

It was something that I didn’t expect since we have been together for almost eight years during his proposal. I understand that there are life stages and our next one would be marriage but didn’t know it would come so soon. We live and see each other each day and for us we feel appreciative that we have each other. The many years being together and really understanding each other has made our moments so special. So, when he finally popped the big question ‘Will you marry me?’ or rather at that moment in time he asked ‘Will you be my pea in my pod?’ all I could think of was ‘Yes, I want to spend the rest of my life with this man’ but instead of ‘Yes’ I replaced it with ‘Of course’. The moment went quick and emotional for both of us. To the point after the proposal we both realized he didn’t say ‘Will you marry me’ nor did I say ‘Yes’. We both confirmed it again!

I thought it would be a good idea to bring you along to the wedding planning journey so far unfolding the plans and ideas up until the big day. I want to share with you weddings that I have been to and my own observations. For me this is just the beginning of a learning curve but also a journey I know I will never forget as it is a once in a lifetime. One that will be fruitful, full of emotions, laughter, joy and excitement.

Please enjoy this journey with me.

Autumn leaves